Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Fox Are Back


I know that it has been ages since I wrote my last blog. Wow. It was before Easter, during my brother's wedding! So, what have I been doing that is fun, and exciting, and taking up all of my time? Well, hmmm..I would LOVE to tell you that I have been on a cruise around the world. Or a visit to California. Or even a trip to nearby Mountain Lake...but, alas! I have only to report that I cleaned the house extensively while Don was gone to Colorado to visit #2 son Bob, who goes to college in Boulder... AND I have been working with fiber and spinning on my new wheel. More on that, later! ALSO, I got a new camera which is a state-of-the-art little machine smaller than a pack of Marlboro's. Which, by the way, I sincerely want to end up smoking every time I sit down and try to figure out how to operate it! This is not just a camera, folks, it is a device which I am even slightly afraid of. If I push the wrong button, I just might: order a pizza from Dominoes, purchase plane tickets to Jamaica, remotely start my car sitting out in the driveway, or detonate a weapon which will start WWIII. Well, not exactly, but I believe that it will take me most of the summer to learn how to operate the thing!

In the meantime, I put a new set of batteries in my cursed old Sony, and took some pictures of the newest family of fox in our neighborhood. They live just down the road from us, right on the side of the highway! Last year, momma fox had 5 babies, and eventually one or two were tragically killed by passing cars. This year, I have counted 4 new babies, but there might have been another hiding down in the hole. Fox are by nature extremely shy creatures, and so I was elated to find that they would allow me to take their pictures! Here they are: Enjoy!





Bob said...

Great camera you have Jody! Those pictures look awesome.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics...and love the new page shot of Heidi. I almost thought it was Leia. Our Leia is getting so big!!! The puppy look in her is all gone. AWWW our baby is growing up! Now she's willful, strongwilled teenager...but whom we love so much!
OH..and the next time you work your new camera/weapon of mass destruction/mini laptop, an you order ME some airline tickets to Jamaica? Thanks! :)

Candy Taft said...

Wow, nice pictures. I don't really see why you needed a new camera. This one takes great photos. Now let's see some photos of the spun fiber.

Connie Peterson said...

Great pictures. Norm said the female was there last week. I'll have to make sure I look and take my camera with me!

Glad you are posting again. As Candy says, post the yarn!!